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Put Your Best Face Foward - personal profile shoot

In the digital age we interact more and more electronically and with fewer face-to-face meetings. Some people no longer travel to a workplace. So how do we build credibility? Show people our fun side? Or our sexy side?

With a picture of our cat or dog!? NO!
With a picture taken by the web cam on top of the computer!? No!
With a blurry or dim picture taken at a restaurant!? No!
With picture that is more than a few years younger and a few pounds thinner than now!? No!
With an old picture of your ex-partner half cut off by the frame!? Please no, no, no!

We show credibility, personality and ultimately likability with…

Pictures that are in focus. That are well lit.
Where the subject takes up the whole frame.
With pictures that are contextually appropriate.

Let Profile Pictures capture you at your best. Let us get it right for ….

  • Linkedin: your professional network and colleagues
  • Facebook: your friends and family
  • Skype: people you talk to
  • Gmail: people you chat and email
  • Findsomeone: for people you might want to meet

… everything’s got a profile picture that you can use to put your best face forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (6)

Make Up and Hair

Girls. You have a good idea what works for you. Tip: less is more. Small blemishes and wrinkles are easily removed in Photoshop.

Boys. Probably best not to go there with make up (unless you’re EMO). A tidy up at the barber before hand may pay dividends.


We want a business-like you, serious and credible. And a casual you, approachable and relaxed. We don’t want a prop to distract viewers from the real subject: you. Consider the follow list of possible props to get the right you…

Ladies: scarf or shawl, jewelery, musical instrument

Men: fitted jacket and tie, car or motorbike, trade tools


Wet Weather

Auckland’s weather can be unpredictable. In wet weather we will move to our garage studio on St Heliers Bay Rd.

What happens after the shoot?

There will be a lot of pictures of you and you will need to see them and select a small group of images. We will upload them to a temporary pass-worded web page and ask you to select the best 4-6 images. We will work on these photos to make you really stand out. More work will be done in the digital darkroom than on location.

What to Wear

Clothes that cover you up. Clothes you could attend a business meeting in.

Clothes that may be reveal a little, but not that much. Clothes you could maybe sit through a low-lit dinner in.

What not to Bring

Sunglasses. Our eyes are the focus of any portrait picture. We will not be hiding them.

Children. You will need to focus on the camera, not the kids.

Pets. Same as above.